Foot washing

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Touch-Free Faucets for Feet Ablution

Save water, improve hygiene, and simplify foot washing!
Performing foot washing has never been easier or more hygienic than with touchless faucets. By using our touch-free faucets, users enjoy a number of advantages over traditional hand-operated taps. Without having to physically touch the faucet, users can perform the product with greater safety as touchless faucets reduce the spread of germs and bacteria and lower the risk of contamination and cross-contamination, resulting in a cleaner and safer ritual washing environment.
Furthermore, these faucets provide an efficient way to save water. Using touchless technology, these faucets can detect when someone is washing their feet and automatically turn on the water flow. When the user is finished, they will automatically shut off. There is an alternative operation option, by which the faucet turns on when the sensor detects the user and the water flows continuously during a factory-set time cycle. The faucet will shut off at the cycle end.
Entering the sensor range will turn the faucet on again. Whatever option feels more comfortable for the user can be ordered.
This product features a default flow rate of 1 GPM, but this can easily be modified just by ordering a different one; our aerators will give you a higher or lower flow rate to meet your needs. You can choose among 0.5 GPM or 0.35 GPM, lower flow rates which will lessen the unpleasant floor splashing and wetting and reduce water consumption at the same time.
Finally, the easy-to-use design of these faucets makes them ideal for use by all ages and abilities.