Deck-mounted faucet combining an elegant design with anti-vandal features. The faucet includes a dual power input box that can be used to operate the product by battery or transformer. When used with a transformer it has an integrated automatic battery backup. It helps washrooms to stay cleaner and to save water and prevents cross contamination. Ideal for stadium, train and bus stations & highway rest stops.


Touch-free electronic faucet for deck-mounted installations. For cold or premixed water, activated by infrared sensor. Latching solenoid valve is located in the IP67 waterproof dual power input box. Faucet will automatically shut off after being used for more than 90 seconds. Sensor features a low battery level indicator. The following settings can be changed by using the Kassel remote control: sensor range, security time, delay in, delay out, on-off and reset to factory settings.


Touch free electronic faucet. The faucet is activated automatically when the users bring their hands within the sensor range and stops when the users remove their hands.

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