Ref # KSL00245


Electronically operated self closing lavatory faucet, activated by touching the designated area in the faucet cap. For hot and cold water. Latching solenoid valve is located above deck inside the product. Filters included. The faucet will automatically shut off after a factory set flow time of 8 seconds.The flow time is adjustable on site if required.


Deck-mounted faucet. Combining an elegant minimalist design with anti-vandal features. Easy installation. Long lasting even in the harshest installation sites. Helps washrooms stay clean and saves water. Prevents cross contamination. Ideal for stadiums, train and bus stations and highway rest stops.


When a user touches the designated area in the middle of the faucet cap, a flow cycle of 8 seconds will be completed. If the user does not need more water, he can touch the designated area again to stop the water flow before the default flow time has passed.


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