The robust design and the fact that the switch has no moving parts almost completely eliminate the need for maintenance. The piezo switches have a vandal resistant, anti-ligature design with a "non hold open" feature. If needed, remote maintenance is possible through a single wire that leads from the service area to each piezo button in the prison cell. Since piezo switches provide an accurate water flow, this technology plays an important role in helping to conserve water. The flow time is programmable and provides extra water saving possibilities by giving the inmate the possibility to close the water flow even if the water cycle has not finished.


Kassel's programmable piezo kit for showers is specially designed to be used in high security environments. Kassel's anti-ligature, vandal-resistant shower heads are ideal to be combined with Kassel's piezo kits. Kassel's piezo kit is fully programmable for time flow. Lock out times available upon request.


Each inmate's cell has a piezo switch and an interface to control flow at the shower. The piezo switch at the shower control is connected to a solenoid valve that opens and closes the water flow. Each activation gives a pre-set run cycle at a pre-determined temperature.

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