Ref # KSL02405


Touch-free electronic hand sanitizer pillar. Activated by infrared sensor. Powered by 12V transformer. Peristaltic pump to prevent clogging and back flow. Compatible with Ethanol, IPA Isopropyl Alcohol - Up to 80% and Alcogel. For use with any brand of hand sanitizer at the recommended viscosity of up to 3800 cPs. Chrome plated body. Includes a 1 liter tank. Peristaltic pump that prevents clogging and back flow. Optional remote control to select the dosage of hand sanitizer disinfectant. Refill sanitizer priming operation by manual refill button or optional remote control.


Touch-free electronic hand sanitizer stand with dripless automatic shutoff. Suitable for placement in supermarkets, banks, lobbies and any high traffic public areas.


Touch-free electronic hand sanitizer stand, operated by infrared sensor. The hand sanitizer gel dispenser automatically activates when users place their hands within sensor range, providing a measured amount of hand sanitizer gel (adjustable by optional remote control). If the users remove the hand before the full amount is dispensed, the hand sanitizer dispenser immediately stops the flow.


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