Ref # KSL01030


13 Keys remote control allowing easier maintenance of extensive installations requiring custom settings. The remote control allows you to adjust sensor features for all Kassel electronic products. But to operate the new advanced functions with the 13 keys remote control you should have a compatible product model. The following functions can be changed: sensor range, entrance to the self adjustment mode, security time, short flow time, flow time, delay in, delay out, 24 hour hygiene flush, lock out time, temporary on-off and reset.


As electronic taps, flush valves and shower controls are being installed in different places and used for different applications, it is crucial to be able to change the settings of the infrared sensor faucet, flush valve or shower control. Kassel's sensors' non-volatile memory will retain the stored adjustments even in case of power failures or if the battery is replaced.


Hold the remote control stright in front of the sensor eye in a distance of 15-20 cm (6"-8"). Press the button of the function you would like to change, wait until a red blink of the sensor eye is perceived and make the change.


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