Allows quick and easy modification of almost any traditional sanitary ware into an automatic touch-free one. It is widely utilized in environments requiring high level of hygiene, such as hospitals, geriatric centers, prisons, restaurant kitchens and in the meat & fish industry. Being modular, it fits any interior and can be integrated with any existing water outlet. The solenoid valve is simply installed onto the water line, allowing water to flow to the urinal.


Touch-free electronic wave on-off sensor kit for urinals. Includes a wave on-off sensor unit, a solenoid valve with housing and a power supply. Filter included. The following settings can be changed by using the Kassel remote control: sensor range, delay in, delay out, on-off and reset to factory settings.


Water will be delivered automatically when the user places a hand within a close distance of the sensor eye. The system completes one flush cycle after 6 seconds.

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