Easy, cost-effective solution that allows delivery of hot water at safe temperatures. It prevents the risk of scalding while connected to the water inlet. It delivers water at a maximum temperature aiding in the prevention of the growth of the Legionella bacteria in the water heat.


This high quality, lead-free, brass, pre-mixing unit is a thermostatic mixing valve that allows easy adjustment of hot and cold water by connecting directly to the angle valves under the basin. It includes a hot water stop function to prevent scalding. Includes built-in filters to prevent dirt entering the system. Includes back-check valves to prevent hot water entering the cold water inlet. Connection kit available upon request.


This product should be fixed firmly to one of the under basin angle valves allowing for no movement, with a flexible hose connecting the second angle valve. Set fixed temperature by manually rotating the thermostatic cap. Option of limiting the maximum temperature to prevent scalding. Hot water stop feature to cut water flow when water gets too hot. Connection kit available upon request.

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