Ref # KSL00292


Touch free electronic glass or bottle filler faucet. Activated by IR sensor. For cold or premixed water. Available with battery box for 6 x 1. 5V AA batteries or a 9 V transformer. Filter included. Long reach rotational spout. Lead freewaterways. Retrofit installation compatibility.


Deck mounted touch free glass or bottle-filler is ideal for drinking fountains, coolers and water stations. Cool touch free glass filler has been designed by Kassel for bars, restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Enables you to quickly and conveniently fill glasses or bottles with water and configure your own water filling stations.


When users place a hand in front of the sensor and positions a glass or bottle under the spout with the other hand, the touch free glass filler faucet will automatically activate. The flow will stop as soon as the user removes their hand from the sensor range.


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